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What is the difference between B2C and B2B online booking engine?
On the B2C tool the complete coordinates need to be filled in; no commission/deductions; payment by credit card.
On the B2B tool only the names of the travelers are needed. Agency address and terms of payment are filled in automatically when using your login. Commission is shown on the invoice.

How much commission do we get?
You will get the commission according to the terms fixed in our mutual agency agreement.
Your commission will be shown on each invoice.

Terms and conditions
According to agency agreement and general terms and conditions.

Adjustments and/or cancellations possible online?
For the moment, you need to inform our operations team incoming@railtour.ch about adjustements and cancellations.

Are all online offered hotels availability checked?

Are bookings on request or options possible?

How many persons can be booked?
max. 12 persons/4 rooms

What kind of rooms are bookable?
double, triple or single rooms

Any mix of rooms possible?

What about children?
Children rates are calculated after filling in the birthdates.

In which currencies can the bookings be finalized?
Swiss Franc, Euro and US-Dollar

Do we receive a confirmation/invoice?
You will receive a confirmation immediately after finalizing the booking and an invoice within the next 4 office hours.

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