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Do you feel like exploring mystical landscapes, discovering old castles, monasteries and enchanted bays, toasting a pint of Guinness with the cheerful locals in a rustic pub? Then Ireland is just the right destination for you!

Ireland's secluded location has allowed it to retain its authenticity.

It gives the Emerald Isle a special status. It's where Celtic culture has developed. Thus Ireland is famous for its outstanding literary figures such as Joyce, Swift or Wilde and a seemingly never-ending stream of musicians from all genres. Irish folk is in stark contrast to the classical music style of European countries and enjoys great popularity worldwide.

The cultural treasures, some of which, like the unique Newgrange, date back several millennia, are manifold. Whether mysterious stone circles, castles and ruins of Celtic kings or ancient monasteries, history is always within reach.

The present takes place in the pub. It is the actual living room of the Irish people. Here they chat, celebrate, sing and above all drink! Sociable and open as they are, you seldom stay alone for long when you visit the cosy drinking rooms. And if, in addition to liquid food, you would like to try something hearty, there is no getting around the unique Irish Stew. Fish and seafood are also often on the menu.

As it belongs to an island, the weather is unpredictable. This is why Ireland is worth a trip at any time of the year. In summer the parks are in bloom and the beautiful landscapes invite you to go hiking, while in winter lonely walks leave a lasting impression.



An exciting, bubbling melting pot of life: handmade Irish folk and Celtic artifacts, literature, fortresses and cathedrals, Guinness and pub culture. Dublin is worth a city break!

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