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Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Magnificent, pompous and cosy, still almost untouched is the hinterland of Portugal, which can score especially with its peace and quiet and the old castles and palaces.

Where the Tejo flows into the Atlantic Ocean, the «Portuguese Riviera» with its elegant seaside resorts Estoril and Cascais stretches out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Tejo, the most important river in Portugal, flows through the whole country on its way to the sea and divides it into two halves: the north and the south. Even without this border, it is easy to tell the two parts of the country apart. The north is green, humid and full of vines and vegetable plantations. The south on the other hand is barren and dry. If you are looking for recreation, why not visit the small villages scattered all over the main country, or the old castles and palaces, where you can find a lot of peace and quiet, or simply drive into the often unspoilt hinterland of Portugal.

And then there are the two big cities: Lisbon, the pulsating metropolis, has the flair of a world city and shows itself in many faces. It is magnificent, pompous and cosy. To the north, Porto scores with its location at the mouth of the Douro and a picturesque old town.



Listen to the melancholic fado sounds during a city trip to Lisbon, let yourself be carried away into the age of the Moors or discover the old town with the nostalgic "Electricos", the tram of Lisbon.


A glass of port wine tastes good everywhere in the enchanting ambience of this World Heritage city - whether on a boat trip under the six bridges of Porto or on a stroll through the picturesque Ribeira district.

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